Amrita Hanjrah, JD, MPA

Amrita is a first-generation Punjabi-Canadian, a practicing Sikh, and a social justice advocate. She leads with her heart and is dedicated to interrupting gender violence in family relationships and facilitating healing and change with those who have harmed. Currently, Amrita is the Strategic Leadership Manager at Inspire Action for Social Change. She has an active role supporting Inspire Action’s work to eliminate domestic and sexual violence using a social justice and healing-centered approach. Amrita provides extensive consultation and guidance to communities across the country, seeking to improve their responses to gender-based violence and direct service provision in supervised visitation.

Amrita works with supervised visitation programs across the nation to transform relationships with histories of intimate partner violence into ones rooted in love and compassion. She continues to build upon program efforts to interrupt and dismantle the violence impacting parents and children. Amrita is committed to advocating for human rights and has built her foundation by working directly with marginalized populations through research, leadership positions, and on-the-ground direct service for the past decade. In addition to her work at Inspire Action, Amrita is invested in her communities and is learning that our work to end structural violence is not a sprint but a marathon, and she intends to be here for the long haul.

Amrita earned a Public Service focused Juris Doctorate, a Master of Public Administration focused on international development and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from DePaul University. She is invested in making and maintaining meaningful relationships and uplifting and expanding on the love we all hold within. Amrita has served as an MOU partner for the Underserved Technical Assistance Project of the Alliance of Local Service Organizations (ALSO) since 2019.