Forming & Maintaining Collaborative Partnerships in Anti-Violence Advocacy Work

Written Materials

Authored by ALSO consultant Liam Esposito, this tip sheet was developed in partnership with OVW and ALSO’s Underserved TA Project in response to an expressed need for additional resources on this topic by those who participated in 2023’s series of Peer-to-Peer meetings for Underserved Grantees serving Deaf and hard-of-hearing survivors.

Tip Sheet: Forming & Maintaining Collaborative Partnerships in Anti-Violence Advocacy Work.

For greater accessibility to the information it contains, this tip sheet is also available as videos with ASL and open captions, as well as accompanied by English-language transcripts.

You can access each video and corresponding transcript using the following links:

Video #1: Networking Coordination Cooperation Collaboration & transcript

Video #2: Share and Learn & transcript

Video #3: Identify Common Goals and Values & transcript

Video #4: Embrace Fluidity and Innovation & transcript

Video #5: Create Mutually Shared Foundations & transcript

Video #6: Cooperation and Collaboration & transcript

Video #7: Build Trust and Rapport & transcript

Video #8 Success and Challenges & transcript